blue{shift} is looking to grow our team of operational staff, teachers and educators who want to inspire children to express their creativity through the language of code. We are specifically looking for team members to fulfil the following roles:
    • Operations and Business Manager
    • Minecraft Expert & Creative Coding Teacher
    • Creative Coding Teacher of JavaScript and Python
    • Creative Technologist
    • Creative Coding Teacher of Robotics
    • Creative Coding and Animation Teacher
Would you like to empower children by helping them understand how the technology they use every day works? Are you passionate about education and creative coding? If your answer is yes, then get in touch! blue{shift} is looking for regular weekly part-time teachers for our after school clubs and holiday camps. We are looking for skilled teachers who are capable of inspiring children to express their creativity through the language of code. Our current courses focus on teaching the fundamentals of programming using Scratch, Processing, JavaScript, web based tools and coding for Minecraft. This is a flexible freelance role and would be ideal for recent graduates or current students who are passionate about creative computing. We are looking for experts and innovators who want to inspire the next generation of technology users and creators. To apply, please email a CV, along with a cover letter that explains how you would fit with blue{shift}, and answer the following questions:
        • What’s your favourite piece of tech for kids, either in or out of the classroom?
        • Imagine an  8 year old coder says they are bored in class and their refusal to continue is distracting the other class members. How would you deal with this issue.
Thank you for signing up! We'll be in touch with info about our upcoming sessions and all things kids coding :-)