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Welcome to Kids Get Coding! Data Duck is so happy to see you… and we are too!

Here you can find a number of activities to accompany the ‘Kids Get Coding!’ book series.

We have games, puzzles, challenges and more…


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Exercise 1:

This exercise is a good first introduction to coding with Scratch.

Make a move (page 11)

Exercise 2: 

Can you help Data Duck draw some loops?

Loop the loop (page 12)

Exercise 3: 

Debug the Scratch code to help the baby duck follow the big duck!

Debug it!



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Exercise 1:

Give instructions to Data Duck to help rescue the ducklings and find the treasure!

Download the treasure hunt worksheet (page 15)

Exercise 2:

Practice your X & Y coordinates and help Data Duck collect apples…

 Play the apple collecting game!

Download the apple collecting worksheet (page 18)

Bonus Coordinate fun:

Can you draw the shapes using the given coordinates?

Play the shape drawing game!

Download the shape drawing worksheet 

Exercise 3:

How many bugs can you catch in 30 seconds?

Play the bug hunter game!

Learn how to make the bug hunter game (page 21)



Buy Kids Get Coding: Our Digital World

Exercise 1:

Can you crack the code?

Download the binary code cracking worksheet (page 12)

Exercise 2:

Can you colour in the pixels to find out what these pictures are of?

Download the pixel colouring worksheet (page 16)

Exercise 3:

Learn how pictures can change by making a flipbook.

Help the racoon kick the ball to Data Duck…

Download the flipbook activity (page 19)



Buy Kids Get Coding: Staying Safe Online

Exercise 1:

Answer Data Duck’s questions to make your new password!

Use the top secret password creator (page 19)


Happy coding…

the blue{shift} team

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