Difficulty: All Levels

Age Group: Ages 6-13

Date: July 17 - 20 and July 31 - 3 August

Location: Colville Primary School W11 2DF

Times: Monday - Thursday (10am to 12pm)

Price: £220 (Early Bird Price)

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Enrol your child in a course that will give them a life-long skill as well as bring joy!

Classes are held Monday – Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm.

Course Description:

Since computers have become a central part of every child and adult’s day, it is essential to teach them how to use them properly. With so much time spend on the screen, it is important to make sure that your child holds the correct posture and the right way of using the keyboard in order to keep them healthy and make them efficient in the future.

If a week of typing sounds a bit dull – worry not! Children will be learning these essential skills in the format of games, where they will compete against each other, win prizes, and definitely have lots of fun!

Touch Typing is becoming one of the most requested classes, so don’t miss out on the fun learning.


This is a course for all levels for children aged 6 – 13.

Laptop Policy: For this class, we operate a ‘bring your own laptop’ policy. If this is not possible, we do offer laptop hire, however, this is subject to availability.

‘Early drop off‘ at 9 am available every day! 9 am – 10 am arrival on the first day of camp (Monday).

Single day attendance is available, please contact us on hello@blueshiftcoding.com

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  • Camp Dates

    This camp takes place July 17-20 and 31-3 August
  • Laptop

    We operate on a bring your own laptop policy though have a few laptops available for booking . See the additional options below to book a laptop.
    Please indicate how many days you would like to rent a laptop for.
    Please indicate how many days you would like to drop your child off early. Early drop off is between 9am and 9:45 am. No early drop off required on Monday.
  • Dear parent, we would like to take some photos and videos during classes and workshops so that other parents and kids can see what we do! Note this is only and exclusively for the use of blue{shift}. Please inform us of your preference by selecting one of the options: