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Mon-Fri, 9.30am-6pm

Creative Coding Level 3 - Robotics Bootcamp (LEGO Mindstorms and 3D Design)

Notting Hill
Jam packed with 3D modelling, LEGO Mindstorms robotics and creativity, this hands-on course will prepare your child with the foundations for engineering, design, and programming! Campers will build their own robots, 3D print their projects, and express themselves in the most creative way.
Every day from 10am to 4pm (late pick-up available up to 5pm)
Price: £425
Ages: 8 to 12
Location: Colville Primary School W11
Dates: 22 to 26 July; 5 to 9 August
Included in this course
  • Assessment and individual teacher reports
  • Teacher:student ratio of 1:6 
  • Real time communication with parents using ClassDojo
  • Bring your own laptop (or rent one of ours)
  • Robot building with Lego Mindstorms and Hummingbird
  • Explore basic 3D Modelling and printing
  • For intermediate to advanced coders
  • See a sample schedule
  • Outdoor play every day
  • Snacks and water provided
  • STEM activities and off-screen projects every day
  • Partial week bookings email us

Detailed Description

Jam packed with creative, crafty robotics, this week-long course will prepare your child with the foundations for engineering, design, and programming! Campers will work in teams to build their very own robots and develop critical thinking, problem-solving and basic engineering skills by modifying their creations. But these are no basic bots! They will integrate programming and sensor technology to make them move, react and solve challenges.

The creativity and invention doesn’t stop there! We will also be learning how to create our very own 3D models by bringing our digital creations to the real world with our 3D printers. This is a hands-on course, and your child will be challenged while having an amazing engineering adventure. With Lego Mindstorms they'll learn how to program robots, program sensors, and build complex machines. 

In the 3D modelling module, campers will create their own custom designs, taking them from paper to 3D printing. They'll focus on making practical 3D models (i.e. those that will print well), how 3D printers actually work, and how to engineer problems that arise in 3D printing.

Topics Covered

  • Basic 3D modelling and printing
  • Construction engineering fundamentals
  • Programming robots with Lego Mindstorms
  • Engineering principles and coding with gears, motors, sensors, and code
  • Creative problem-solving and teamwork


This course is suitable for intermediate to advanced coders aged 8-12. Students should be familiar with basic coding concepts and have experience with basic robotics (Lego WeDo or similar). Ideally, students have been learning programming in school and/or completed one of our coding and robotics courses.

A typical day at camp


Early drop-off begins


Welcome Campers! Sign in, wave your adults goodbye and buckle up for a day of fun.


Kick off with ice-breaker games and get to know each other – we guarantee you’ll get to laugh at your teachers and their silly antics!


Introduction to our activity for the day. Let’s get coding!


Fruit snack and water.


Back to coding, building, designing and creating.


Lunch box time – grab your packed lunch, fuel up and re-focus that brain of yours.


Outdoor games – let’s get physical (we may even re-enact some of the games we make on our laptops!) If the weather does not allow it, we will do some hands-on activities inside.


Back to class – let’s build robots!


Short break


Finish off building and engineering - it is time to program the robots!


Show and tell – you’ll get the chance to impress your friends with your fine handiwork, attention to detail and creativity.


Pack your bags, go home and chill out!

Please note that sometimes a teacher will change a schedule depending on students' ability and interests.

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