Ashley, Teacher

BSc Digital Arts Computing, Goldsmiths University of London

I’ve always believed in the power of art and technology to inspire awe and wonderment in kids. Hence, through teaching, I hope to create sensory learning spaces and interactive experiences through creative design and technology.
  • Core topics
  • Scratch
  • JavaScript (with Bitsbox)
  • JavaScript (with p5.js)
  • Python
  • Specialist topics
  • C++
  • Arduino
  • O Level/IBDP HL Physics
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
Online £50.00 per session
In person* £70.00 per session
* due to COVID-19, this teacher is available for online sessions only

I got into coding quite late, at the age of 18. I previously trained in fine art sculpture, and it wasn’t until I realised I wanted to create kinetic installations that I picked up coding from using Arduino in my artworks. That slowly led me to explore more technologies and languages to expand on the installations I could create. I believe that, regardless of whatever field of work one goes into, even non-tech ones, having a background in coding makes sure no one can fool you on what is or isn’t technically possible. It is powerful for children to grow up aware that the limits to their world is their own imagination.

  • “I really enjoyed it and I have learned a lot, my teacher is really fun and I enjoy working with him as he is always there to help”

    Jude, 12

  • “Really amazing sessions and content, and best tutors we have come across. Our son always looks forward to his sessions”

    Zeina, private tuition parent

  • “My teacher is understanding”

    Lucas, 9

Teaching experience

  • The King Alfred School


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Missing a lesson

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