Game Hacking with Python

One-to-one tuition for £140 half day/£280 full day.

Suitable for children aged 10+.

This is an incredibly creative, hands on programming course that has young gamers and programmers designing and building their own games. 

Detailed Information

Favoured by both academic institutions and industry, Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world. We make the study of Python fun and relevant for young programmers by having them build games that they can play and publish. Python is also the preferred language of the Computing GCSE.

Throughout each session, children design and program their own games like Snake and Geometry Dash using 'Pygame' a library that helps students make exciting and complex games without writing onerous amounts of code. This course will give young computing enthusiasts a leg up by equipping them with skills that they can build upon as they grow.

Learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to the Python coding language
  • How to use Github and code control
  • How to use an integrated development environment (IDLE)
  • Link hardware to code with the BBC micro:bit
  • Advanced debugging, use of boiler-plate scripts
  • Creative projects that involve selecting, using, and combining multiple applications
  • Understand how instructions are stored and executed within a Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • How to pair-programme to solve problems
Please note that learning outcomes depend on how many sessions are booked and the length of these sessions; more sessions will result in more learning outcomes being covered!