Coding for Art & Games

One-to-one tuition for £140 half day/£280 full day.

Suitable for children aged 10+

In our Coding for Art and Games course we combine text-based programming, electronics and engineering, innovative digital art projects, and game/app design to teach real-world skills... All through self expression and individual creativity!

Detailed Information

Javascript is the hidden language that makes the digital world more interesting; it makes your favourite websites interactive, enables online games to load swiftly and smoothly, and is a source of contemporary art. Throughout each session, our teacher will cover many of the key components of the National Curriculum for Computing. Students will leave this course with new engineering skills, a more advanced understanding of coding, and innovative projects that they can show off to their family and friends!

Children are introduced to Javascript ‘libraries’ and the awesome things you can do with these! From here students are given the freedom to interpret these Javascript libraries in their own way in their projects. Whether it's designing an Asteroid space game, programming a 3D solar system, designing their own animated films, or constructing their own entirely unique robot! Children will have the opportunity to channel their new found Javascript knowledge into something that they find interesting and engaging.

This course is for all students aged 10 and above. It's an ideal choice for students new to coding, as JavaScript is a great introduction to text-based coding. Furthermore, it's perfect for students who want to improve their understanding of Javascript, particularly those that are interested in studying computer science at GCSE level. Finally, blue{shift}'s Coding for Art and Games is ideal for any students who have a creative flair or an interest in gaming, as the focus on both of these industries gives plenty of opportunities for students to make and design tech associated with their hobby.

Learning outcomes:

  • How Javascript is used across the web in a variety of different forms
  • The Javascript syntax and mathematical concepts needed to produce mesmerising art
  • Important computational thinking and logical reasoning skills
  • To apply creative problem-solving techniques to programming
  • How to express creativity and self-expression through coding
  • Computational concepts and features that are used within industry and further study
  • How physical computing and Javascript work together
  • Design and engineering skills in a number of different fields such as game & app development, robotics, and web design
Please note that learning outcomes depend on how many sessions are booked and the length of these sessions; more sessions will result in more learning outcomes being covered!