Glendower Preparatory School

At Glendower Preparatory School we have two after-school clubs:

  • Upper School Coding Club (Year 3 to Year 6): Packed full of fun projects and app making, this highly creative coding club introduces students to all aspects of the most commonly-used programming languages in the world JavaScript. They will create fun games and apps using simple coding concepts.
  • Lower School Coding Club (Year 1 to Year 2): For the youngest students we teach a club based on our highly popular Mini Coders course, which introduces children in years 1 and 2 to creating with code. The club utilises Scratch Jr. - an introductory programming language that enables young children to create right from the get go. We'll work on fun projects to create games animations and learn about simple robotics.

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Further Information

  • Times & locations


    • Lower School Club: Fridays 15:30-16.15
    • Upper School Club: Mondays 8:00-8:45