Tuesday 14th April 

15.00 to 16.00 PM (BST)


 For students (and their parents) aged 7 to 14. Suitable for all experience levels. 

Participants should have watched our first hackathon event beforehand, available online now.

Thank you for attending our first virtual hackathon! 

We hope that your child had fun and learnt some awesome coding skills. Now your child has watched the live stream it's time to use these new skills in our fun hands-on project - student's need to create their own version of Pong 🎮 

What is the hackathon


In our second hackathon live stream, happening Tuesday 14th April at 15.00 PM, students will return to the Scratch coding language to review their unique multiplayer computer games.  It is an ideal opportunity for students to cement the knowledge they gained last week, as well as offering the chance to ask any questions about either the project or coding more generally!

Our Head of Education, Harvey, will go over student projects, highlighting all the amazing work our students will have done. He will then look at some of the common sticking points as well as offer a Q&A session drawing from the questions you submitted. Finally, Harvey will be announcing which finished projects will be awarded one of our awesome prizes!


We’re encouraging YOU - innovators around the world - to #codewithblueshift

Upload your projects on social media and tag it with the hashtag #codewithblueshift (or submit your projects using the link below) to be entered into our coding competition 🏆 Don't forget to include your questions for our Q&A. Then join us for our hackthon follow up live stream. No need to register - just show up!

All of the projects submitted by Tuesday 14th April 09.00 AM (BST) will be automatically entered into our virtual hackathon competition. Either by creating code from the ground up or using Harvey's code as a base (click here), students need to design their own version of Pong. During the follow up live stream Harvey will announce our two favourite Pong projects - one for students under 10 and another for those over 10. Each lucky student will receive a week of free coding lessons in a course of their choice!

What are we looking for?

  1. Usability & code - Does the code work well? Are there many bugs?
  2. Style - Is it well designed? Does it look cool and interesting ? Points for creativity!
  3. Gameplay - How well can people play your game? Is it a 2 player game, high-score competition, or cooperative?

What are the requirements?

  • Must be made using Scratch.
  • Must have a game-play element: e.g. 1v1, solo player high-score, two player co-op.

Join us for our follow up session:

Date: Tuesday 14th April 

Time: 15.00 -16.00 PM (British Summer Time - BST)

Price: Free

Location: YouTube Live - click here!

“This was my child's very first coding experience and she loved it. Once the lesson was over, she just wanted to keep coding. Thanks!”

~ Pilar, parent


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