Introduction to Javascript

One-to-one tuition for £120 half day/£240 full day.

Suitable for children aged 8-9 years old.

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in the world. It’s the hidden language that makes the web more interesting, your favourite sites engaging, and online games playable and smooth. Behind the scenes it is Javascript which makes the digital world so fun! 

Detailed Information

This course covers the fundamental elements of programming using Javascript, as well as tips on best practice. It can be tailored to experience so it's ideal for both complete beginners and young intermediate coders with some experience of block-based coding who want to move onto text-based languages.

Throughout this course we use a platform called ‘Bitsbox’. This is a great introductory format for Javascript as it allows kids to learn about the intricacies of text-based languages easily. Indeed, Bitsbox makes coding with Javascript simple, interactive, and fun, providing a supportive environment for the creation of a whole range of different code - whether that's a game, an app, or a film! 

Students will learn coding concepts such as variables, loops, and parameters. Having gained a foundational grasp of a concept we then challenge students to apply this new found knowledge to their own unique project. These projects are massively varied, offering the opportunity for each child to tailor their learning to their own passions and interests. In this way children are able to cement their knowledge of Javascript concepts and will be able to walk away with their very own original work at the same time!

Our goal is for each participant to feel confident coding, as they undertake original projects and gain familiarity with the Javascript language. We also show students the tools and resources available so they can continue learning and developing independently with Javascript after the course.

Learning outcomes:

  • The key foundational knowledge needed for text-based coding languages
  • How Javascript can be identified, used, and changed for different purposes
  • Vital programming skills such as debugging and trial testing
  • How electronics and physical computing play a role in coding
  • Computational programming concepts that are used in industry and higher education
  • Best practices for coding with Javascript and more generally
  • Critical coding skills such as touch typing and reading code
  • The integral stages within the game/app design process
  • Logical reasoning and computational thinking skills
Please note that learning outcomes depend on how many sessions are booked and the length of these sessions; more sessions will result in more learning outcomes being covered!