Animation and Coding

One-to-one tuition for £120 half day/£240 full day.

Suitable for children aged 6-9 years old.

Animation and Coding is a highly creative course that introduces students to the fundamentals of visual programming and digital storytelling. 

Detailed Information

Each session of this course will focus on developing students understanding of the animation process, from start to finish. Students are able to choose from a variety of different filming techniques, such as claymation and green screen. Children will learn how to storyboard, create their own characters and build animated storylines through the medium of each of these animation styles. Then, with a little help from Scratch coding, we bring their ideas to life!

Students will be given creative freedom and our fully trained teacher will help them to grow their ideas into fully formed animations - indeed, many of our animation teachers are professional digital artists outside of the classroom! Across the course children will create their own captions, incorporate sound, sculpt models and record their films. Throughout all of this they will be developing their critical thinking skills, and in turn advancing their animation techniques. At the end of each session, your child will have a fun and original recording to share with friends and family.

The age range for this course is one of our widest because the course is easily accessible and adaptable for any child between the ages of 6 and 9. Older or more experienced children are able to bring more complex ideas to life alongside younger children who are just starting to flex their creative muscles.

This will be most interesting to children who love to create and seem to have an endless imagination - coding experience is less important here, we just want children to have a go!

Learning outcomes:

  • Creating 2D animations
  • Green screen animations
  • Video creation with sound, captions, and cuts
  • Programming with Scratch
  • Storyboard and idea development for frame-based animations
  • Action sequence development and engineering principles
Please note that learning outcomes depend on how many sessions are booked and the length of these sessions; more sessions will result in more learning outcomes being covered!