Private tuition

Help your child to become a confident coder, online or at home with the guidance of our experienced tutors.

Our one-to-one tuition service provides bespoke, high quality tuition with our experienced tutors either online or in your home. Each lesson is tailored to suit your child; going at each child's pace and focusing on their interests our tutor adapts our award winning curriculum to support their coding journey.

Online tuition

Our highly popular online tutoring service connects your child to one of our engaging tutors via virtual conferencing software, accelerating their learning from the comfort of their own home. With students joining us from London to Dubai, our coding expertise has never been so accessible. Pricing begins at £50 an hour.


In person tuition

Looking for tuition in your own home? BlueShift has been providing high-quality in-person tuition in the London area since 2018. Our tutors travel to you to guide your child through their coding journey with lessons from our award-winning curriculum tailored to their interests and needs. Pricing begins at £70 an hour.


Our approach

Carefully designed curriculum

Our core curriculum has been carefully designed and tested in conjunction with UCL. Beginning with easy to understand drag and drop block-based coding in Scratch Jr and progressing through to text-based languages used in industry, such as Python and JavaScript, our tuition service allows your child to learn at their own pace. All of our core curriculum topics are tutored at standard pricing, if you are looking for tuition in a specialist topic please see specialised pricing and get in touch with a member of the team.

Monitoring and progression

In your child's trial session their tutor will assess their coding ability and suggest a learning plan to help progress their skills should you book a package with us. Once you have booked your package your child's tutor will create their learning plan, with goals and lesson plans to keep the sessions on track. At the end of your package, you will be sent a report on your child's learning, written by their tutor, to give you an idea of what they have learned and how they can continue to develop their coding skills in their next package!

Technical set-up

We ask that every student has access to a laptop or computer with a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, a headset/earphones, and a microphone. Before each session we will provide instructions on setting up our video conference software as well as any further information about relevant coding platforms and technical requirements for that particular session.

Core topics

Scratch Jr.


JavaScript (with Bitsbox)

JavaScript (with p5.js)


Game design


Specialist topics





Web development

Video production & editing

Our tutors

BlueShift teaching staff are coding professionals, who are passionate about passing their expertise onto children - many have previously taught at prestigious schools. All our teachers are DBS checked and undergo a rigorous application and training process, ensuring we get the best of the best

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    BA Philosophy, University of Cambridge

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    Private Tutor

    BA Philosophy, University of Cambridge

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  • "I like learning new stuff and making new things. My tutor is really nice and she goes slow so I can understand"

    Valentina, aged 7

  • "Really amazing sessions and content, and the best tutors we have come across. Our son always looks forward to his sessions"

    Zeina, parent

  • "My favourite thing about my tuition is making games and then making AI (artificial intelligence) to play against me"

    Max, aged 11


Rescheduling and illness

If you need to reschedule a lesson for any reason, please give us at least 24 hours notice either contacting your tutor or a member of our team at and we will do our best to move the session for you. 

If your child is feeling unwell, we might be able to reschedule your lesson up to 2 hours before the lesson is supposed to start for online tuition, and up to 4 hours before the lesson is due to start for in-person tuition.

Missing a lesson

Please be aware that if you miss a lesson for any reason and do not give us at least 24 hours notice we will take this as a no-show and charge you the full rate of this session without an opportunity to reschedule, as we must compensate our tutors for their time.


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  • Can I use an iPad/tablet or a Chromebook instead of laptop/PC?
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