Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

Age Group: Ages 10-13

Date: October 23 to 27

Location: Colville Primary School W11 2DF

Times: Monday - Friday (10am to 4pm)

Price: £465

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Let the experienced coders embark on a digital journey!

Classes are held Monday – Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Course Description

This course will introduce students to a text-based language JavaScript, one of the web’s most ubiquitous coding languages, and give students a head start into programming industry. Not only will they learn invaluable skills such as critical and logical thinking, problem-solving, and numeracy, but they will get to have lots of fun! JavaScript is one of the most popular languages in games developing and we will tackle it from every angle. We will build our own games and learn how to incorporate various stimulations.

We will start the course by exploring the basics of Javascript programming using a pared down version of the language called ‘p5.js’. We will create a variety of games and apps, which will challenge every student yet providing them with a fun outcome. By the end of the course, we will be using code to create complex projects which students can customise and share with friends.

During this 5 day camp, your child will also get to release their inner engineer and design awesome robots using Lego Mindstorms equipment and software. Students will work in teams to build their very own robots and develop critical thinking, problem-solving and basic engineering skills by modifying and troubleshooting their creations. They will integrate programming and sensor technology to make their robots move, react and solve challenges. LEGO Mindstorms helps build science, technology, and maths (STEM) knowledge while incorporating lessons in language arts and boosting your child’s creativity.

Students will also get a chance to dabble in 3D design, making their creations come to life with our 3D printing technology.

By the end of the course, students will be able to create their own Java projects, and understand how to build and program complex robots. In one week, your child will learn more than most kids do during the whole school year.

Achievements and outcomes

Our teachers will actively record your child’s work throughout the camp and share it with you through Class Dojo – an app which allows you to see photos of your child’s work, be involved in your child’s progress and message the teachers directly if you have any questions. The children will also receive a certificate of completion on the final day.

Topics covered

– Intermediate coding concepts: loops, variables, conditionals and functions

– Mathematical concepts: coordinates, angles, and operations

– Introduction to JavaScript

– Games development

– Program design

– Introduction to  P5.js

– Engineering concepts

– Construction fundamentals

– How do sensors work

– How does a robot solve problems

– Gears and motors

– 3D modeling techniques

– Creative problem-solving

– 3D Printing

– Digital Sculpting


This is a course for intermediate coders aged 10 – 12. Students should be proficient in using the computer – comfortable using both the mouse and keyboard. They should also have experience using a coding language such as Scratch.

This is a level 3 course suitable for experienced coders.

Unsure if this class is suitable for your child? Call us for advice!

Students should bring a packed lunch with them (no nuts please!) We will provide a snack and water during the day.

Laptop Policy: For this class, we operate a ‘bring your own laptop’ policy. If this is not possible, we do offer laptop hire, however, this is subject to availability.

‘Early drop off‘ at 9 am available every day! 9 am – 10 am arrival on the first day of camp (Monday).

Single day attendance is available, please contact us on hello@blueshiftcoding.com

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  • Camp Dates

    This camp takes place October 23 to 27
  • Laptop

    We operate on a bring your own laptop policy though have a few laptops available for booking . See the additional options below to book a laptop.
    Please indicate how many days you would like to rent a laptop for.
    Please indicate how many days you would like to drop your child off early. Early drop off is between 9am and 9:45 am. No early drop off required on Monday. If you want to book specific days, lease specify in the additional information field.
  • Dear parent, we would like to take some photos and videos during classes and workshops so that other parents and kids can see what we do! Note this is only and exclusively for the use of blue{shift}. Please inform us of your preference by selecting one of the options: