Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Age Group: Ages 7-12

Date: October 23 to 27

Location: Colville Primary School W11 2DF

Times: Monday - Friday (10am to 4pm)

Price: £465

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Is your child Minecraft mad?

Turn that love of playing games into a passion for creating them with our five-day modding masterclass.

Classes are held Monday – Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Course Description

Students will learn how to make their own awesome Minecraft mods throughout the week of creeper smashing, world building and sheep shooting fun. We’ll be using JavaScript and the Blockly programming languages to code and create our own items, weapons, mobs, and games while improving our programming skills.

We’ll learn how to use loops, functions, variables, and conditionals to make a fun Halloween themed mini-game, complete with our own modded items, mobs, and skins. We’ll also learn how to administer and use JavaScript commands on our own private servers.

This course will challenge our beginner modders ans well as the master modders as lots of challenges and extensions await everyone as they progress throughout the week. In one week, your child will learn more than most kids do during the whole school year.

Don’t just leave your child to play Minecraft – get them to create it!

What is Blockly?

Blockly is a graphical block-based programming language designed to ease the transition from Scratch to Javascript. We use blockly as it allows students to get the coding right away without having to worry about making small syntax errors that can frustrate students when they first start to code in JavaScript.

Achievements and outcomes

Our teachers will actively record your child’s work throughout the camp and share it with you through Class Dojo – an app which allows you to see photos of your child’s work, be involved in your child’s progress and message the teachers directly if you have any questions. The children will also receive a certificate of completion on the final day.

Topics covered:

– Fundamentals of Blockly

– Programming with JavaScript

– Logic and conditionals

– Game design and graphics

– Story development


Students should be at least a bit familiar with Scratch and may have started to learn Javascript at school or at one of our after-school clubs. They should have played Minecraft before and have sufficient typing and mouse skills.

Students should bring a packed lunch with them (not nuts please!) We will provide a snack in the morning.

Laptop Policy: For this class, we operate a ‘bring your own laptop’ policy. If this is not possible, we do offer laptop hire, however, this is subject to availability.

Logins and Software: All students should have a working version of Minecraft on their laptops and they will require a purchased account from https://minecraft.net/en

Logins are available to hire for the period of the camp but your child will not be able to use them afterward.

LearnToMod accounts for the use at camp are included in the price. If you wish your child to be able to continue their work, you can purchase your own license at https://www.learntomod.com/

For more information about LearnToMod please go to https://login-thoughtstem.herokuapp.com/

Please make sure that the laptop your child is bringing is able to run Minecraft and LearnToMod to avoid any technical delays.

‘Early drop off‘ at 9 am available every day! 9 am – 10 am arrival on the first day of camp (Monday).

Single day attendance is available, please contact us on hello@blueshiftcoding.com

Unsure if this class is suitable for your child? Call us for advice!

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  • Camp Dates

    This camp takes place October 23 to 27
  • Minecraft License

    Let us know if you would like us to provide your coder with a Minecraft license to use at camp. If you would like your child to continue their learning beyond camp please buy your own license.
  • Additional Options

    Laptops used for Minecraft are of a higher spec than our regular laptops.
    Please indicate how many days you would like to drop your child off early. Early drop off is between 9am and 9:45 am. No early drop off required on Monday. If you want to book specific days, lease specify in the additional information field.
  • Dear parent, we would like to take some photos and videos during classes and workshops so that other parents and kids can see what we do! Note this is only and exclusively for the use of blue{shift}. Please inform us of your preference by selecting one of the options: