In-person birthday parties

Book a birthday party for your creative kid

Ready for your creative child’s big day? At a BlueShift birthday party, kids can bring their ideas to life through fun, hands-on activities with their friends. Choose a theme and party size, then sit back and let our experienced facilitator take your child and their friends through creative challenges and games. Each attendee will also receive a party pack full of activities they can do at home - we’ll even sort the invites!

We'll need access to your WiFi and desk space for our Minecraft Modding and Roblox Rave parties (we will be using laptops). All devices and other equipment will be provided.


Party timings

30-45 mins before - Teachers arrive for setup

1.5 hours - Coding or robotics activity

20 mins - Party food and cake

Last 40 mins - games and challenges!


Price £0.00

Party details

Party length: 2.5 hours

Party size: 

  • up to 8 children with 1 teacher
  • up to 16 children with 2 teachers

Age: 6-12

Price: £395 (up to 8 children)

Please make an enquiry or call us on 020 3176 4660 to find out our availability for your child’s special day.

Please note: if you’d like to book a party for more children, or adjust the session length, leave a note in the enquiry form

Until 19th July, you can have a party with 5 guests max (including adults)

Our parties

  • Robo Disco

    Inspire your young inventors with our Robo Disco birthday party! Children will get a chance to design, build, and program funky robots using motor blocks, buttons, lights, sounds, and more! Robo Wunderkind robotics kits are easy to use and party members can get building instantly for maximum fun!
    Ages: 6-8
    Up to 8 children: £395
    Up to 16 children: £495
  • Minecraft Modding

    Our Minecraft Modding birthday parties allow children to turn their passion for Minecraft into the skills to make their very own mods. Under the guidance of our expert facilitators, kids will learn how to enhance their Minecraft worlds with block-based mods, and work together to complete challenges and games in the Minecraft universe!
    Ages: 8-12
    Up to 8 children: £395
    Up to 16 children: £495
  • Roblox Rave

    Perfect for Roblox fans! Our Roblox birthday parties spark kids’ creativity and teach them how to create their own worlds and games in Roblox. Our expert facilitators will guide the group through Roblox Studio where the children will collaborate to create an open world adventure game which they’ll be able to play together.
    Ages: 8-12
    Up to 8 children: £395
    Up to 16 children: £495
  • "The party was great! We ran into one of the guests yesterday, and he said it was the best thing he did in months and he just wanted it to last forever. Thank you very much for organising it and our special thanks to Daniel and Yasmin!"

    Anna, Minecraft Birthday Party Parent

  • "Thank you Calum so much for such a wonderful party. Calum was great and the boys had a lovely time. Perfect lockdown party!"

    Minecraft Birthday Party Parent

  • "It was wonderful, all the boys had a really great time! For one day at least they felt like lockdown lifted. Thanks so much for all the help with organising it, it made everything so easy! It was a real pleasure to have everything done in time and so caringly"

    Minecraft Birthday Party Parent

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