Creative Coding Level 3 - Introduction to JavaScript

Creative Coding Level 3 - Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular coding languages in the world, used in billions of devices! Campers will get familiar with text-based coding and learn how to design and develop games and apps they can take home. Suitable for older kids new to coding and experienced younger kids alike.
  • Age
    8 to 12
  • Date
    28-31 May
    Every day from 10am to 4pm (late pick-up available up to 5pm)
  • Price
  • Location
    Colville Primary School W11
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What’s included in the course

    • Assessment and individual teacher reports
    • Teacher:student ratio of 1:6 
    • Real time communication with parents using ClassDojo
    • Bring your own laptop (or rent one of ours)
    • Using Javascript-like, text-based language Bitsbox
    • Programming robotics with Microbits
    • For intermediate coders
    • See a sample schedule
    • Outdoor play every day
    • Snacks and water provided
    • STEM activities and off-screen projects every day
    • Partial week bookings email us
Keeping it fresh

Regardless of the course or how many times a student takes it, we do not repeat previous projects.

Students are always challenged and, when they are ready, they work on a fresh new projects.

Camp Overview

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Stay Connected

Every Friday we host a short parent-teacher meeting. We also use an online platform to provide live updates and allow you to connect with the class throughout the week. 

VIDEO | Holiday Camps

We think that our camps are super fun. But you shouldn't just take our word for it. We recently spoke to some of the blue{shift} teachers and students to find out more; watch our video to get a better idea of what makes a blue{shift} camp such a great adventure! 


  • Can I book individual days at a camp?
  • Which Creative Coding level should I sign my child up for?
  • My child doesn't have a laptop - will an iPad or tablet suffice instead?
  • Is there any specific software I should install in advance?
  • “The things I liked most about camp were proper teaching, creative approach and the fact that my daughter really learnt something while having fun”


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