Dennis, Teacher

BSc Computer Science, Goldsmiths, UoL

The knowledge of basic coding and basic coding practices can help people better understand the inner workings or even perhaps the limitations of their tools, so that they can make more informed decisions when it comes to tools/devices and also perhaps be less susceptible to scams and false claims regarding technologies.
  • Core topics
  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Specialist topics
  • Minecraft
* This teacher is currently unavailable for private tutoring

I was introduced to coding when I chose A-Level Computer Science. I had chosen computer science as I enjoyed using and learning about the computer from a very young age, but interestingly enough was not properly introduced to the concept of coding until Sixth Form, where I was taught the Python programming language. After that, I made a drawing of a teddy bear which would be displayed on a Gameboy. Finding how the Gameboy actually worked and what people had to deal with those days when programming was sort of an eye opener for me as well. I have made more useful applications like a note taking app or currency converter, however, funnily enough, I believe that achieving that is one of the coolest things I’ve done, on a technological and personal standpoint. As electronic devices become more and more a part of everyone's daily life, people should become more aware of at least the fundamentals of how computers work. 

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