Janet, Teacher

MA Material Futures, Central Saint Martins, BAS New Media, City University of Hong Kong

Learning to code is an empowerment. When we are transforming an abstract idea to a concrete product / service, it is not about how advanced the technology is, it is more about how we can make the technology more accessible and solve problems with creativity, so it can be helpful to enhance our living quality.
  • Core topics
  • Scratch
  • JavaScript (with p5.js)
  • Robotics
  • Micro:bit
  • Specialist topics
  • Physical computing
  • CAD
  • App Design
Online £50.00 per session
In person* £70.00 per session
* due to COVID-19, this teacher is available for online sessions only

Since I learnt coding I’ve created projects like Menstrual Cycle Reminder (with a temperature sensor) and Karaoke X Tuner (detecting how bad your singing is.) Although they are not working like a real-life product, it built up my research and analytical skills throughout the whole experimental process and now I am working on my own collaborative project to create a mono-material rehabilitation tool for stroke patients. When I’m teaching I find joy in contributing my skills and sharing my knowledge with others. My top tip for coders would be to be patient and you will learn most through experimentations and failures.

  • “I really enjoyed it and I have learned a lot, my teacher is really fun and I enjoy working with him as he is always there to help”

    Jude, 12

  • “Really amazing sessions and content, and best tutors we have come across. Our son always looks forward to his sessions”

    Zeina, private tuition parent

  • “My teacher is understanding”

    Lucas, 9


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