JavaScript for Beginners: App Building

JavaScript for Beginners: App Building

CLUB CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - our online after-school clubs are currently not available to book. Still want to get coding? Join us for our online summer courses happening now!
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Want to get coding?

Our online after-school clubs are currently not available to book. Click here to view the summer holiday version of our JavaScript for Beginners: App Building course.

For an overview of all our summer classes, click here!

Looking at how we can use JavaScript to design mobile apps, this club is great for coders looking to grow in confidence and make exciting coding projects! Our JavaScript for Beginners: App Building course is the perfect way to entertain your child; all whilst they are learning and making friends.

Please note: we will be covering different content in our weekly and daily classes.

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in the world. It’s the hidden language that makes the web more interesting, your favourite sites engaging, and online games playable and smooth. indeed, behind the scenes it is JavaScript which makes the digital world so unique! 

This JavaScript for Beginners course is all about making apps! Students will use the ‘Bitsbox’ platform, which makes coding with JavaScript accessible and fun, to create their own mobile applications; students will learn about challenging computational concepts like functions and data structures through a series of creative projects. They will be able to unleash their creativity and passion for games that can be played at home and shared with friends and family. In addition to game design the course will also take a deeper dive into app development - students will look at what makes an app successful and how they can apply this to their own work.  

This course aims to cover tougher coding concepts and logic than our JavaScript for Beginners: Introduction course, and as such students who haven't coded before should start with this course first. 

Our virtual classroom provides students with an innovative approach to coding that balances learning computational skills with nurturing students’ curiosity and sense of discovery in a small online setting! Setting this software up is easy and we will provide you with comprehensive set-up instructions before your lessons begin 💻