Innovators: Ages 10-14

Javascript with p5.js: Jungle Adventure

Is your child wild about coding? They’ll love this jungle adventure where we delve deeper into the world of JavaScript!
Age 10-14
Difficulty Level
Suitable for those with p5.js experience
Date & Times (duration 1 hour 15 minutes)
Price £125.00 (25% off the second course when booking 2 or more)
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Ideal for any students who have a creative flair or an interest in gaming, app development, or web design, this course will further develop their already advanced JavaScript knowledge to create complex code. Combining text-based programming with lessons and projects inspired by the film franchise ‘Jumanji’ and other Hollywood jungle films, our Jungle Adventure course challenges students to think outside of the box, developing vital logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. It also serves as an ideal creative outlet as students can customise their projects however they like!

Learning outcomes

Students will dive deep into p5.js capabilities to gain knowledge of complex computational concepts such as variables, constants, game score tracking, collision detection, and nested loops and arrays. They will learn about game and app design using JavaScript libraries, and find out the unique features and limitations of p5.js. They will develop their knowledge of more advanced JavaScript syntax and concepts, acquiring invaluable programming skills that can be used to further their studies of JavaScript as well as gain understanding of general coding concepts. As with our previous JavaScript courses we take a project-based approach to the language. However, in the Advanced JavaScript: Jungle Adventure course we challenge students to go a step further; experimentation, creativity, and customisation are key elements. We want our students to start thinking about how they can take their code to the next level!

Information for parents

This course is aimed at students who are familiar with p5.js. If your child is not familiar with this library, we advise that they start with our JavaScript with Introduction course. You will receive an email with set-up instructions before the course begins - they are super easy to follow, so please make sure your child is set-up for the course!

Class structure

This is a sample schedule to show how our virtual lessons are structured.

10.00 - 10.15
Students will set up their coding environments, share any work from the previous day or projects they have done independently.
10.15 - 11.00
45 minutes of focused coding, led by our fantastic teachers. Students will face new challenges, solidify their knowledge of coding concepts and flex their creativity!
11.00 - 11.15
Students will complete quizzes and challenges to test their knowledge and share their work.
My favourite part was making the collisions happen when the player gets hit!

Student, aged 12

  • How does it work?

    • We have a maximum teacher:student ratio of 1:6 - this means that all students receive dedicated support, and top-quality, hands-on teaching
    • Our courses and virtual classroom have been extensively user-tested and refine to ensure they offer the best possible learning experience
    • Reports from teachers detail what your child has learnt, their strengths, and how they can improve
  • Each student will need…

    • A laptop or computer with a high-speed internet connection
    • A headset/earphones
    • A webcam and microphone
    • An adult to help set up - before each session we will email instructions on how to set up out video conferencing software
  • Our tutors

    • BlueShift teaching staff are coding professionals, who are passionate about passing their expertise onto children - many have previously taught at prestigious schools
    • Teachers undergo a rigorous application and training process, ensuring we get the best of the best
    • All teachers are vetted by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)


Lateness policy

Customer feedback has told us that students joining late can be disruptive for other learners. Therefore, we have imposed a cut-off time for joining lessons. If a student is more than 15 minutes late to a lesson, they will not be admitted. Late students will be able to catch up using recordings of the lesson and additional learning resources.

Recordings of lessons

All online lessons will be recorded, and recordings will be uploaded to the class padlet as a resource for students who have missed a lesson, or who want to watch again. Recordings will only be available to students in the class, the class teacher and the BlueShift team. Recordings will be deleted seven days after the course ends.


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    Marcos, parent

  • "The teachers have been excellent, full of enthusiasm and patience making the whole experience really fun"

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