Minecraft Modding

Minecraft Modding

Turn your child’s passion for Minecraft into skills for life as we take them on a programming journey through the code of the game.
  • Age
    8 - 12
  • Level
    Suitable for beginners and experienced students alike ages 8-12.
  • Date
    19th to 23rd October
    Every day from 10AM to 4PM. Please note you will be given a specific drop off time slot closer to the start of camp, between the times of 9:30-10AM in order to ensure social distancing. Our late pick-up service is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 safety measures.
  • Price
    £555.00 £485.00
  • Location
    Jane Cameron Building (JCB), Notting Hill Prep School, 95 Lancaster Road, W11 1QQ
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Wanting to book single days?
Due to restricted space, camp spaces are reserved for full-week students. If you would like to attend partial days, please book a full week to confirm your space or join our waiting list (http://bit.ly/blueshiftoct) for any remaining spaces once bookings close.

Important Information

  • Teacher:student ratio of 1:6, ensuring wrap-around care within a classroom bubble and top quality hands-on teaching with dedicated support for students.

    Real time communication with parents using our online platform, including photos and reports.

    Please bring your own laptop (for required laptop specs please see FAQs) or rent one from us before checkout.

  • This course channels kids passion for gaming into learning!

    Both an ideal intro for new students and a great continuation for intermediate coders.

    Assessment and personalised teacher reports to ensure progress.
  • A focus on healthy learning: outdoor play at lunchtime, healthy snacks and drinks provided - please bring own lunch.

    Curriculum curated in conjunction with UCL.

    All staff are fully DBS checked & trained in both traditional and innovative teaching methods.

    Read more about our COVID-19 policies here.
Teachers at blue{shift}

All of our teaching staff undergo a rigorous application and on-boarding process. Each teacher is then vetted by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

We provide training and support for all our teachers, and many of our teaching staff have taught at some of London's most prestigious schools. To read more, click here.

Detailed information

Does your child love Minecraft, and want to understand how their favourite game works? Do you struggle to channel your child's passion for gaming into their learning? 

In this course, campers will learn how to make their own awesome Minecraft ‘mods’ and code for the game through a week of creeper smashing, world-building and sheep shooting fun - all whilst learning key computer skills.

Our students will be using a Block-based programming language to code and create their own in-game items, weapons, and structures while improving their programming skills. This course aims to engage kids through creative coding projects in the popular online game, and give them a thorough grounding in computational principles. By applying coding skills to Minecraft campers will learn how to use loops, functions, variables, and conditionals, amongst other things. Finally, the students will work on projects that utilise both off-screen activities and programmes outside of Minecraft to develop their imagination and practical skills, which can then be applied to their in-game servers! 

Please note that if your child has attended an online Minecraft course they may find some of the content of this course repetitive. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Due to COVID-19 we have limited space available on all courses, therefore spaces are reserved for full week students. If you wish to attend only part of the week, please either book a full week to confirm your space or sign up to our waiting list to be informed of any last minute availability.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Coding using Google’s Blockly language
  • Core coding concepts such as loops, variables, conditional logic, and functions
  • Branch out from block-based coding and be introduced to Javascript
  • Understand behind the scenes of the Minecraft universe and how to change it through coding
  • Team-working skills through the collaborative testing of multiplayer mods
  • How web servers, IP addresses and the internet works.

VIDEO | Holiday Camps

We think that our camps are super fun. But you shouldn't just take our word for it. We recently spoke to some of the blue{shift} teachers and students to find out more; watch our video to get a better idea of what makes a blue{shift} camp such a great adventure! 


  • Will my laptop be good enough for this Minecraft course?
  • Do I need to install any software on the laptop ahead of camp?
  • What does my child need to bring to camp?
  • What are you doing at camps with respect to COVID-19?
  • Can I use childcare vouchers to book this course?
  • Do I need to rent a Minecraft License? Do I need to make an account on LearnToMod?
  • “My daughter had a great time. Her teacher challenged and inspired her interest in coding and helped her produce lots of cool programmes each day.”