Minecraft Modding (Two Hour Lessons)

Minecraft Modding (Two Hour Lessons)

CLUB CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - our online after-school clubs are currently not available to book. Still want to get coding? Join us for our online summer courses happening now!
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Want to get coding?

Our online after-school clubs are currently not available to book. Click here to view the summer holiday version of our Minecraft Modding (Two Hours) course.

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Please note: each lesson lasts two hours. Within each lesson we will take a short screen break, giving students time for a quick breather before coding again. Part of the time in each lesson is also dedicated to set-up and trouble shooting; a supervising adult may be needed to help with any issues at the start of each lesson. 

Set up process is quite complicated for this course and can take up to an hour on the first day.

Using video conferencing software, our virtual classroom provides students with an innovative approach to coding that balances learning computational skills with nurturing students’ curiosity and sense of discovery.

With a maximum teacher:student ratio of 1:6, each of our online courses is the perfect opportunity to engage kids and grow their coding confidence! Once set-up within our virtual learning environment, every member of the class can share their screen and other materials with the teacher, creating a collaborative atmosphere and ensuring every student can receive immediate feedback on their work.

Does your child love Minecraft, and want to understand how their favourite game works? Do you struggle to channel your child's passion for gaming into their learning? In this course, students will learn how to make their own awesome Minecraft ‘mods’ and code for the game through a course of creeper smashing, world-building and sheep shooting fun - all whilst learning key computer skills.

Our students will be using a Block-based programming language to code and create their own in-game items, weapons, and structures while improving their programming skills. This course aims to engage kids through creative coding projects in the popular online game, and give them a thorough grounding in computational principles. By applying coding skills to Minecraft campers will learn how to use loops, functions, variables, and conditionals, amongst other things. Finally, the students will work on projects that utilise both off-screen activities and programmes outside of Minecraft to develop their imagination and practical skills, which can then be applied to their in-game servers!

Minimum computer specs can be found on the Minecraft website. As part of the course you will need to download Minecraft Java Edition. We will be providing LearnToMod accounts, but you are welcome to purchase your own if you want to continue using your account after the course ends. But don't worry! We will provide more information on everything you need to set up once you have booked.