Naomi, Teacher

BEng Biomedical Engineering, King’s College London

I enjoy giving students the tools to learn and seeing them take that understanding and apply it in creative ways. Whether that’s making their own game or starting to use simple artificial intelligence, I love teaching coding because it is giving a child skills that they can use to do something new.
  • Core topics
  • Scratch
  • JavaScript (with Bitsbox)
  • JavaScript (with p5.js)
  • Python
  • Specialist topics
  • Minecraft Modding
Online £50.00 per session
In person* £70.00 per session
* due to COVID-19, this teacher is available for online sessions only

I started coding when I was 13 and, as I had always enjoyed problem-solving, I found it fascinating. I joined a Computer Science class at my school and as I progressed, I was able to work on projects that really interested me, including electronics and the ‘internet of things’. This showed me how important programming is in everyday life and why. Technology and programming are everywhere and learning to code will allow students to understand and become creators of the technological world around them. Understanding programming also gives children problem solving and mathematical skills that could be applied to create solutions to the challenges of the future.

  • “I like how Naomi explains why we need each piece of code.”

    Ines, 8

  • “Really amazing sessions and content, and best tutors we have come across. Our son always looks forward to his sessions”

    Zeina, private tuition parent

  • “Naomi's lessons are really fun!!”

    Ylva, 8

Teaching experience

  • Eaton Square Belgravia School
  • Queen’s College Preparatory School
  • Thomas’s Battersea School


Rescheduling lessons

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If your child is feeling unwell, we might be able to reschedule your lesson up to 2 hours before the lesson is supposed to start for online tuition, and up to 4 hours before the lesson is due to start for in-person tuition.

Missing a lesson

Please be aware that if you miss a lesson for any reason and do not give us at least 24 hours notice we will take this as a no-show and charge you the full rate of this session without an opportunity to reschedule, as we must compensate our tutors for their time.


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