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Bespoke, online tuition tailored to your child’s needs. Delivered digitally at a time convenient for you by one of our experienced tutors. Select your tutor level and book a trial to get started.

Online private tuition is available throughout both holiday and term times.

Please note: the time you select for your trial will be the time we schedule for your future sessions (unless otherwise agreed).

Age 5 and above
Difficulty Level Suitable for all children, regardless of experience. Specifically formulated for each individual student.
Date & Times Private tutor (trial) / Monday 28th September / 10:00 - 11:00
Price £50.00
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If you're looking for tuition for multiple children or want to find out more, book a free consultation or fill out our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

What is it?

Following our UCL EDUCATE award winning curriculum, as well as a rough lesson outline, each tutor will tailor lesson content to each of their students - giving each child the time to grow at their own pace. Every lesson will explore key coding concepts and our tutors will work with each student to develop hands-on practical programming projects and follow-up content.

What do I need to do?

Booking a trial lesson and your tutoring package is easy!

  • Choose the tutor level, date, and time for your trial session from the drop down menu, following which you will be prompted to enter your details into our form.
  • Once we have this information we will then match you with a tutor that fits your requirements in preparation for your trial.
  • Having matched you with a tutor we will send you all the information about your upcoming session, including instructions for setting up our conferencing software and any coding platforms.
  • After your child's first digital coding lesson we will send you more information about booking one of our packages.

  • If you do decide to continue coding with us after your trial we offer two different payment options: you can either book a block of five lessons or a block of ten.

    Languages and topics we teach online

    Core courses (taught by all tutors):

    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Scratch
    • Touch Typing
    • Game Design
    • Animation
    • And more!

    Speciality options (taught by expert tutors):

    • Minecraft
    • Swift
    • Unity
    • Web development
    • Video production & editing

    Class Structure

    This is a sample schedule to show how our virtual lessons are structured.

    Fifteen minutes before your session your tutor will send you a link reminding you to log in
    10.00 - 10.05
    At the start of the lesson your tutor will introduce themselves to your child and get to know their interests.
    10.05 - 10.50
    45 minutes of focused coding, led by the tutor. Your child is given a series of challenges to solve over the course of the lesson
    10.50 - 11.00
    At the end of the session, your tutor will present you with a short write up of everything your child covered along with a link to any homework that was given. Finally, you will have a few minutes at the end of the session to discuss what happened over the last hour and, if you wish, to schedule any future tutor sessions.
    It was excellent!

    Student, aged 11

    • Private Tutors

      Private Tutors are often current computer science students at top UK universities with a passion for teaching. Each of our Private Tutors faces a rigorous application process, has a minimum of three months tutoring experience, and is fully trained and vetted.

      Trial session: £50

      Block of five sessions: £250

      Block of ten sessions: £450

    • Senior Tutors

      Senior Tutors have also studied computer science at some of the best UK universities, with many of them having real-life tech industry experience. Additionally, they have a minimum of six months teaching experience and have taught in some of London's most prestigious schools.

      Trial session: £60

      Block of five sessions: £300

      Block of ten sessions: £540

    • Expert Tutors

      Expert Tutors are all computer scientists with years of experience within the industry. They often help us to design new courses and have been teaching coding for anywhere between a year and a decade! Our Expert Tutors can teach a variety of specialist subjects; more information on this below.

      Trial session: £70

      Block of five sessions: £350

      Block of ten sessions: £630


    Cancellation Policy

    We understand that life happens and plans can change. We kindly ask that you contact your tutor or one of our team at least 24 hours in advance of a lesson if you need to reschedule it for any reason. 

    If you do not provide 24 hours notice, we will charge the usual session rate, as our tutors must be paid for their time!

    Technical Requirements

    We ask that every student has access to a laptop or computer with a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, a headset/earphones, and a microphone. Before each session we will provide instructions on setting up our video conference software as well as any further information about relevant coding platforms and technical requirements for that particular session.


    • Is there a cut-off time for when I can book a trial session?
    • Can you teach at locations outside of London?
    • What if I don’t like the tutor allocated for my trial?
    • I am worried about my privacy; can you help with this?
    • "Thank you BlueShift for doing such a great job. My son is so excited about coding and learning made fun."

      Natalia, parent

    • "These courses are an amazing way to get kids interested in coding and robotics. Fun and educational"

      Isabel, parent

    • "My son was very keen to advance in programming. Not only has this been achieved, but his self-esteem has been greatly raised through your work. Thank you!"

      Marcos, parent

    • "The teachers have been excellent, full of enthusiasm and patience making the whole experience really fun"

      Angela, parent