Shai, Teacher

MA Computational Arts, Goldsmiths UoL

A problem or error is always a possibility for growth- instead of getting frustrated, try seeing it as a great opportunity to learn something new and keep on acquiring more skills!
  • Core topics
  • Scratch
  • JavaScript with Bitsbox
  • Unity
  • Specialist topics
  • C++
  • Java
  • Digital Arts
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I first started coding in high school when I was 16, taking on computer science classes together with my music program as a classical pianist. We first learned the core of coding with Java, developing algorithmic thinking and writing pseudocode code on paper. Then we wrote the code itself and followed it line by line, which was extremely beneficial to understand how the compiler reads it and detects errors. Right from the beginning I felt speaking the language of code encapsulates my passion for STEM subjects, high attention to details and my curiosity.

I’ve always been drawn to teaching and have been doing it for years in many different platforms teaching various subjects. To me teaching is a possibility of expansion and growth- for both sides. In my classes I tend to feedback a lot and ask questions to make sure there is a deep understanding of the subject, and at the same time allow enough space for experimentation and creativity. Good communication, mutual respect and having fun are key!

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Teaching experience

  • Betty Layward Primary
  • St. Joseph's Primary
  • Wandsworth Prep
  • Albion Primary School
  • Colville Primary School