Thomas' Battersea Middle School Club

Thomas' Battersea Middle School Club

A course that teaches coding and engineering through new and innovative robotics.
  • Age
    Year 3 to year 5
  • Level
    Suitable for beginners
  • Date
    Autumn Term (11 weeks)
    Every Monday 4.05PM to 5.00PM, starting 9th September
  • Price
  • Location
    Thomas's Battersea
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What’s included in the course

  • Curriculum curated in conjunction with UCL, with both on-screen and off-screen activities. Practical projects challenge students to engage with their own code.

  • A great introductory course for the youngest students, this course covers both the basics and more advanced concepts such as robotics.

  • All staff have backgrounds in computer science, are fully DBS checked, and are trained in both traditional and innovative teaching methods.
Keeping it fresh

Regardless of the course or how many times a student takes it, we do not repeat previous projects.

Students are always challenged and, when they are ready, they work on a fresh new projects.

Detailed information

In this course, children will explore computational thinking, programming, and engineering as they learn key foundational technology skills from a vast range of new and innovative robotics.

Our creative coders start their journey by becoming familiar with coding logic and reasoning. From here we will introduce students to Micro Bits; small circuit boards that can be modified with circuits, motors, and other robotics kits. This will give all of our club students the chance to create their very own incredibly cool robots!

Whether students are interested in art or technology (or both!) they'll have the opportunity to invent and make all kinds of amazing things. From designing and creating their own ‘BOP IT’, to building an electric guitar that can be taken home and played, to learning how to hack headphones, your child will finish this club with a newfound practical approach to technology.

Your child will learn:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • How to think like a programmer
  • Fundamentals of coding, loops and logical reasoning
  • Robot building with Micro Bits, Lego WeDo, Dashbots & Ozobots
  • How circuits and electricity work
  • Hardware maintenance and development skills