Thomas's Battersea Upper School Club

Thomas's Battersea Upper School Club

The ideal course for any keen artists or gamers who want to add a technological flair to their hobby.
  • Age
    Year six to year eight
  • Level
    Suitable for all students
  • Date
    Every Thursday from 4.05PM to 5.00PM; starting 12th September
  • Price
  • Location
    Thomas's Battersea
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What’s included in the course

  • Curriculum curated in conjunction with UCL, with both on-screen and off-screen activities. Practical projects challenge students to engage with their own code.

  • A great introductory course to one of the most prolific languages, this course covers both the basics and more advanced concepts.

  • All staff have backgrounds in computer science, are fully DBS checked, and are trained in both traditional and innovative teaching methods.

Keeping it fresh

Regardless of the course or how many times a student takes it, we do not repeat previous projects.

Students are always challenged and, when they are ready, they work on a fresh new projects.

Detailed information

We combine text-based programming, building electronics, and designing games to teach real-world skills through self expression. This club is perfect for those who want to improve their Javascript coding ability and apply this to the creative world of art and game design!

This course introduces students to Javascript ‘libraries’, and demonstrates the awesome things you can do with them. Students are given the freedom to interpret these libraries, in their own way to create projects. Past challenges in this course have included designing an Asteroid space game, programming 3D objects and a solar system, making an interactive spray paint tool, and constructing cardboard robots - to name a few!

Students will finish the term with engineering skills, a more advanced understanding of coding concepts and functions, and finished projects that express their inner creativity. These projects demonstrate the real-world applications of coding to students, as well as provide a sense of accomplishment with daily take home results. 

Your child will learn:

  • Javascript-focused course, from beginner to advanced
  • Learning Javascript syntax and mathematical concepts to produce mesmerising art
  • Important computational thinking and skills
  • Applying creative problem-solving techniques to programming
  • How to express your creativity through coding
  • Industry examples of creative coding and digital art
  • Basic physical computing
  • Design and engineering skills to build your own creations