Yasmin, Senior Teacher

BSc Digital Arts Computing, Goldsmiths, UoL

I love the knowledge exchange involved in teaching, learning as much from students as they learn from me. While still in school in China, I tutored students English and found a knack for mentoring with a charity called Debate Mate, where I volunteered to teach primary-school students debating skills. Guiding a student into understanding a concept is a rewarding experience and I share their joy when they persevere in learning something new!
  • Core topics
  • Scratch
  • JavaScript (with Bitsbox)
  • JavaScript (with p5.js)
  • Specialist topics
  • Creative App Design

Foremost an artist and designer, I have always wanted to understand the inner-working of things, whether a social phenomenon or a lego masterpiece. I taught myself web design with HTML and CSS at 15, however, I only got thrown into the deep end of coding when I started university. Catching up on Javascript and C++ was a challenge, but I thoroughly enjoyed the never-ending learning. Code has provided me with an analytic intuition about how all types of programs are created, unveiling the mystique of a lot of technology. As our society becomes ever more computerised, our increased awareness of coding means we will be more likely to understand these advancements and be a part of making them too.

  • “Yasmin was great. I really liked her as she was very helpful and kind.”

    Hugo, 8

  • “Really amazing sessions and content, and best tutors we have come across. Our son always looks forward to his sessions”

    Zeina, private tuition parent

  • “Yasmin was nice, calm and relaxed and she went through each step slowly.”


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Teaching experience

  • The King Alfred School
  • Sussex House School
  • Wetherby Kensington School
  • The Lyceum School
  • In-Person tutoring