10 Reasons Kids Should Learn To Code


There are few better ways to prepare your kids for the future than learning to code. It will help them gather valuable transferable skills that will see them thrive in the 21st century.

Coding has been proven to help kids develop academically, build their perseverance, and achieve organisational skills. As we have seen during the past six months, digital skills have become essential with remote and distance learning, so we have a look at ten reasons why kids should be learning to code.


Coding Improves Academic Performance


  1. Maths

Coding allows kids to visualise abstract concepts and then lets them apply maths to real-world situations while making maths fun and creative.


  1. Writing

Kids who learn to code also learn the value of concision and planning, which will help grow their writing skills.


  1. Creativity

Kids learn through experimentation, and coding can help strengthen their brains, helping them embrace their creativity.


  1. Confidence

It’s easy to see how kids gain confidence as they learn valuable problem-solving skills through coding.


Coding Builds Soft Skills


  1. Focus and Organisation

As they learn more coding and more complicated code, they will naturally develop increased focus and organisation.


  1. Resilience

A part of coding is debugging, and there’s no better way to help a child build perseverance and resilience through coding challenges.


  1. Communication

The logical communication skills gained through coding will help strengthen verbal and written skills in the same manner as learning a new language.


Coding Paves a Path to the Future


  1. Empowerment

Coding grants kids the means and the power to make a difference, helping spread messages of tolerance and kindness.


  1. Life Skills

Coding has become a basic literacy in the digital age that will become more important for our kids to understand the technology around them.


  1. Career Preparation

There is increased demand for workers with coding skills in the tech industry, and getting a grasp of coding at an early age will allow them to excel in any field they choose.

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