Corporate Workshops

Team building activities with a difference

We are passionate about delivering fun, relevant, engaging experiences and events that make them memorable for all the right reasons.

We offer exciting corporate workshops to support and empower your workers or teams. Whether you’re looking to develop your team's coding skills and knowledge, strengthen their relationships, or simply to provide a bit of fun on a Friday afternoon, we’ve got the activity for you. We have hundreds of ideas and events that can be tailored to meet your brief.

How It Works

  • 1. Where What and When

    Choose your package and enquire below.

  • 2. Give us the info

    We will reach out to get further details from you and to discuss any specifics.

  • 3. Sit Back and Watch your team Go

    All you need to provide is a space with a screen. We do the rest.

  • Intro to Coding

    This is a really fun introduction to coding that works equally well as a team building exercise. We’ll be spending our time developing an emoji app. It will be fun, competitive, and a great team building activity.

  • Web Development

    In this workshop we will build personal portfolio/profile landing pages to show off interests and skills to the rest of the team. Participants will work in pairs or teams to develop their brands and pages.

  • Creative App Design

    In this workshop we will create imaginary enterprises that we will bring to life through clickable app prototypes. Participants will be introduced to UX design and Marvel App prototyping before presenting their creations to the team, Dragon’s Den style!

  • Machine Learning

    In this workshop we will use JavaScript and Teachable Machine to create and implement our own image categorisation libraries.

If you are looking for something more bespoke, please contact us


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