Introduction to Coding

Introduction to Coding

Introduction to Coding, Scratch

Introduction to coding with zero barrier to entry
  • The course
  • This is a really fun introduction to coding that works equally well as a team building exercise. We’ll be spending our time developing an emoji app. It will be fun, competitive, and a great team building activity.
  • Objectives
  • Events
  • Loops
  • Conditional Statements
  • Variables
Scratch is a block-based coding platform that you can experiment with, successfully creating games and applications without having to worry about syntax, errors, and other barriers to entry.


Introduction to coding

First we will have a short introduction to core coding principles and the Scratch platform.

Scratch Emoji App

Let’s get creative and execute those principles by creating an interactive emoji app, first-hand!


We will collaborate and build our apps with others in this team building exercise! Participants will work in pairs, swapping their apps and building on them further.

Next steps:

  • Advanced Scratch
  • Text-based coding (e.g. web & machine learning)
  • Creative app design: UX and app prototyping

    • “Learning the basics of coding with Scratch was a lot of fun!”


    • “I was almost scared of trying to learn coding for so long, but BlueShift made it easy!”


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