Careers at BlueShift

Who are we?

BlueShift education is London’s premier coding educator and has been teaching children aged 5 to 16 a creative approach to coding and robotics since 2013.

We run after school clubs at nearly 20 schools and run coding and robotics camps every holiday and half-term. We also have a growing roster of private tuition clients. We develop and test most of our own teaching materials and offer a best in breed computing education. Our ethos is to inspire children with the creative possibilities of code and show them all the things they can make using technology as a tool.

What is it like to teach at BlueShift?

Whether it's teaching at a week long camp over school breaks, running one of our 45+ different after school clubs, or becoming a private tutor, our teachers have a variety of different ways that they can express their passion for code!

Each of our services offer fantastic opportunities to deliver tailored, engaging courses, develop meaningful rapport with our coders, and learn from and socialise withthe rest of the vibrant BlueShift teaching team.

Currently Hiring

  • Creative Coding Teacher

    Starting Rates:

    In Person: £31 - £53 per after school club session

    In Person: Central and West London.

    Start Dates:

    January, April, July, September



  • Business Manager

    Salary - £42K

    Blueshift is growing quickly and we’re looking for an experienced Business Manager to manage all of our B2C products including camps and private tuition. As part of this role, you’ll be responsible for our sales channels, including our website and our CRM tools. You will also manage team members responsible for marketing and teacher recruitment as well as maintain relationships with our partners.

    Start Date: 1st of March 2024

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for innovative, inspiring, and invested individuals to join our team of teachers and tutors to help us continue to deliver our premier teaching service.

  • Innovative

    We are looking for someone who is constantly trying to implement new approaches to problems and presenting new discoveries in clear ways.

  • Inspiring

    We are looking for individuals that want to challenge and motivate our coders inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Invested

    We want someone who is committed to facilitating and celebrating children's light-bulb moments.