What we stand for

What we stand by

At Blueshift Education, we think meaningfully when curating our curriculum and consider the best possible outcome for students, parents, guardians and teachers. We believe in safeguarding quality education by inspiring and empowering society's future digital creators.

Experience makes perfection, and we have lots of experience!

BlueShift has been driving change since 2014, making it the most established non-profit coding camp and after school club provider in London. Throughout our decade-long practice, we have taught over 14,000 students! 

What makes us special?


Creative Coding

We encourage children to use coding as a tool for self-expression. Our classes’ tailored approach allows for each child to fully embrace their own personality and have it reflected throughout their course work.



Research-led award winning curriculum

Our pedagogical approach is based on highly effective models of code learning, such as PRIMM (predict, run, investigate, modify, make), supporting students in gaining confidence and understanding of coding concepts by breaking complex tasks into smaller achievable goals.


Championing access to quality education

We offer scholarships for children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds to ensure that all children have a chance to hone their coding and robotics skills, regardless of economic background. 


Promoting gender equality in STEM

In 2023, women accounted for only 23% of the tech jobs in the UK. We want to drive change by empowering girls and young women to connect with STEM knowledge and skills from a young age, inspiring them to be the next change makers in the tech industry!



What more do we do for our families?


Support children's wellbeing

We believe in the importance of promoting healthy dynamics in children from a young age, and as such we implement on-and-off screen activities paired with outdoor play at every camp.


Wrap-around dedicated care

We understand the need for flexible hours for our parents and guardians, so we have established early arrival and late pick-up policies to ensure both parents and children have their support needs met.


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