Private Tuition

What We Offer

We believe that if taught with a focus on creativity, learning to code will not only equip young people with the technical skills they need to excel in the future, but will also teach them critical problem solving skills. We see Computing as a field of study that has many cross-curricular applications, from English to Maths to Art. We encourage students to see the projects they make in their wider context and think creatively about what they do in the process. 

Our private tuition service offers all of this in your home at a time that suits you and your child. With a bespoke curriculum adapted from those which we offer at our after school clubs - more detail on which is available here - we'll match you with one of our fully trained and passionate teachers. Coming from a diverse range of technical and creative backgrounds, our teachers will assess your child's abilities and build a course around their needs and interests. One-hour sessions come in four- and eight-week packages, and can be extended and rearranged in conjunction with your tutor.


Where We Operate

At present we are able to offer private coding tuition anywhere in London, dependent on tutor availability. Let us know in the form below where you're based and we'll match you up with a teacher nearby. We don't currently offer private tuition outside of London, but if you'd like to register your interest anyway we will be in touch as soon as something in your area becomes available.


Pricing and Next Steps

If you're interested in finding out more about blue{shift} private tuition, please complete the contact form below. We'll be in touch, usually within two working days, with a full quote matching you with at least two possible candidates for your child's tutor. You will also be sent a special link you can use to book your first session. This is charged at £50 and takes the form of a "taster" session - during which your child and your chosen tutor will have a chance to get to know one another, and your tutor will be able to assess your child's ability level and specific interests. 

We strive to provide tuition to suit a range of budgets, so your quote will generally match the experience level of the tutor. Prices start from £70 per session for a Private Tutor, and discounts are offered when you book multiple sessions. After your taster session has taken place, we'll be in touch again with feedback from your tutor and a link to book four- or eight-session packages, which you can then continue to book on an ongoing basis by arrangement with your tutor. 

If you have any further questions or would like more detail on any of our products, please get in touch with us!