Calum, Expert Teacher

BSc Sound for Film, Television and Games, Southampton Solent University

I really enjoy coming up new ways to explain nebulous computer science concepts in a way that my students can understand easily. Everybody learns in different ways, and it is really satisfying when you find just the right analogy to make an idea click with a pupil!
  • Core topics
  • Scratch
  • JavaScript (with Bitsbox)
  • JavaScript (with p5.js)
  • Python
  • Specialist topics
  • Lua
  • Unity
  • Minecraft Modding
  • C#
  • Roblox Studio
  • App design (MIT App Creator)
  • Animation
  • Music and video production
Online £70.00 per session
In person* £100.00 per session
* due to COVID-19, this teacher is available for online sessions only

I started coding back in 2009 while studying to become an audio engineer. It began as an elective on my undergrad degree and quickly became an obsession! I have always been interested in how the things around me worked, so when I was creating sound for film and video games it was only naturally that I wanted to learn how the digital tools I was using every day worked under the hood! One of the best things about coding is that there is always an awesome way that you can engage with the things that you are really passionate about through it. We live in a digital world and computers are everywhere, so matter where you end up in life or what you end up doing, you’ll always be glad that you know how to code! The more you know about the digital world, the better you can engage with it as a digital citizen. 

  • “Calum was excellent, full of enthusiasm and patience making the whole experience really fun”

    Angela, parent

  • “He was very jolly and fun. He also was very positive!”

    Alex, aged 11

  • “Calum was a great teacher and made it fun for the kids to learn”

    Eric, parent

Teaching experience

  • Chepstow House School
  • Colville Primary School
  • Eaton Square Belgravia School
  • Eaton Square Kensington School
  • Falcons School for Girls
  • Falcons School for Boys
  • Notting Hill Preparatory School
  • Thomas’s Battersea School
  • Thomas’s Kensington School
  • Twickenham Preparatory School


Rescheduling lessons

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If your child is feeling unwell, we might be able to reschedule your lesson up to 2 hours before the lesson is supposed to start for online tuition, and up to 4 hours before the lesson is due to start for in-person tuition.

Missing a lesson

Please be aware that if you miss a lesson for any reason and do not give us at least 24 hours notice we will take this as a no-show and charge you the full rate of this session without an opportunity to reschedule, as we must compensate our tutors for their time.


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