Great Western studios, 65 Alfred road, london w2 5EU

Mon-Fri, 9.30am-6pm

Meet Our Teachers

Sapphira Abayomi

Academic Background: Foundation in Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London and BSC Digital Arts and Computing, Goldsmiths University of London

Specialisms: Applying creativity to coding

  Favourite thing about teaching: The pure joy kids feel when they have made a project with code that they are proud of.

Did you know? Sapphira grew up on an island that has 365 beaches. One for every day of the year!

Sajidah Akther

Academic Background: Computer Science at Goldsmiths, University of London

Specialisms: Designing and building software (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

 How she came to be a blue{shift} teacher: "I think it is important to promote computational thinking amongst young children as this will enable them to solve complex problems in innovative ways."

  Favourite thing about teaching: Encouraging kids to code and bring their own creations to life.

Rebecca Aston

Academic Background: BA in Art from Yale University, MFA in Computational Art at Goldsmiths

Specialisms: Creating interactive installations and objects. She loves all things 3D: from generative 3D modelling using code, to experimenting with the game development platform Unity, to Virtual Reality and beyond.

   Favourite thing about teaching: Inspiring kids to be creative when coding.

Did you know? Rebecca is from Zimbabwe and had an orphan monkey as a pet!

Megan Benson

Academic Background: Goldsmiths, currently studying Digital Arts Computing

Specialisms: Currently interested in physical computing, particularly e-textiles.

  Favourite thing about teaching: Seeing just how quickly kids get the content; way faster than any of us would when we were that age!

Did you know? Megan loves to roller skate and used to work at a roller disco.

Amy Cartwright

Academic Background: BA in Dance Studies from the University of Roehampton and MA in Computational Art from Goldsmiths

Specialisms:  Designing and building new structures and figuring out how to make them move!

 Favourite thing about teaching: Helping children become more confident and skilled.

  Did you know? Amy has been taking classical ballet classes since the age of two.

Luke Demarest

Academic Background: Completing an MFA in Computational Art at Goldsmiths

Specialisms: Physical Computing, 3D Printing, and C++

   How he came to be a blue{shift} teacher: "Before blue{shift}, I worked as a sculptor in residencies, workshops, and exhibitions. At the same time, I worked as a web engineer at software companies like Rosetta Stone. I ended up mixing my interests at hackerspaces by developing sculpture-based technical workshops."

Diane Edwards

Academic Background: MFA Computational Arts, Goldsmiths & Ba (Hons) Fine Arts Edinburgh College of Art

Specialisms: Making things come alive with code through physical computing using sensors, motors and lights or screen based generative animation.

  Favourite thing about teaching: The excitement and enthusiasm of the kids!

Did you know? Diane is a visual artist who also co-runs a gallery in Deptford.

Thibaut Evrard

Academic Background: Royal College of Art

Specialisms:  Bitsbox, Minecraft

 How he came to be a blue{shift} teacher: "As a graphic design student, I wanted to create more analog and engaging ways of coding."

Favourite thing about teaching: Always being amazed by students' creativity!

  Did you know? Thibaut is a Sunday rock star!

Becky Johnson

Academic Background: Goldsmiths, Creative Computing

Specialisms: Creating art with code using Scratch and p5.js

   How she came to be a blue{shift} teacher: "I felt enthusiastic about teaching kids to program fun and interesting things rather than the typical, not so creative things that people may think of at first when they think of programming!"

Favourite thing about teaching: Hearing kids come up with really intuitive, novel ways to code.

Christopher Moss

Academic Background: Philosophy at the university of Granada

Specialisms: Minecraft Modding/Redstone creations, JavaScript and CSS, Wordpress, Python.

  Favourite thing about teaching: Working with state of the art technology.

Did you know? Chris learned to sail at age 4!

Lisa O'Donnell

Academic Background: BA Fine Art, Centre for Creative Arts and Media, Galway, Ireland. MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, London

Specialisms:  Scratch, robotics and animation

 How she came to be a blue{shift} teacher: "I taught Scratch after school clubs as well as ICT for Year 1 and 2. I have also tutored privately in art, animation and art history for 6 years previous to joining blue{shift}.

Favourite thing about teaching: Always being amazed by students' creativity!

  Did you know? Lisa is also a professional painter with her own art studio.

Charlotte Oppenheim

Academic Background: Goldsmiths Digital Arts Computing 2nd Year

Specialisms: Creating graphics using C++, especially 3D animations

 Favourite thing about teaching: Feeling like kids have done something new that day.

Did you know? Charlotte's favourite thing to do is play video games.

Nicola Plant

Academic Background: holds a Ph.D from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. MA in Digital Arts in Performance and a BSc(Hons) Music Technology at Birmingham City University.

Specialisms: VR, motion capture, interactive installation design and HCI. Coding and building movement-based interactive installations and environments, physical computing projects and real-time applications of technology for performance and installation as a part of her artistic practice.

   Favourite thing about teaching: Teaching kids to use coding as a creative outlet!

Kotryna Sajeviciute

Academic Background: BSc Digital Arts Computing at Goldsmiths

Specialisms: Projection mapping, virtual reality, 3D graphics, c++, JavaScript, processing

Favourite thing about teaching:  Meeting students that are very keen to learn and create amazing projects.

   Did you know? Kotryna once met Boris Johnson without knowing who he was and he wanted to shake her hand but she ignored him, thinking he was just a random old man!