Our Teachers

Passionate, experienced, innovative

There are many factors that play a role in education and learning. One of the most important has to be the quality of teaching. That’s why we carefully select, train, and support the best teachers available. 

Each blue{shift} teacher goes through a rigorous application process. As part of this we look to hire coding professionals with direct experience of working with children, as well as those with a solid academic and professional background.  This ensures all of our classes are led by driven, inspiring and accomplished teachers. And with experience in digital art, audio and sound production, architecture, and app development—amongst other things—our teachers come from a wide range of diverse creative and technical backgrounds. Resultantly we match them according to the age and interests of the students they teach. 

Our Pedagogy

Since 2013 blue{shift} has been teaching a fully realised coding and computing curriculum. And whilst we've expanded since then, our educational philosophy still focuses on creativity, quality of learning, and the real life applications of programming. 

Where we teach


A trusted provider of coding education in over 15 schools, with over 400 children attending after school clubs every week.


Private Tuition

Our private tuition service offers creative coding lessons in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you and your child.


Holiday Camps

Held every half-term and school holidays our coding and robotics camps are located in the heart of West London.


Meet Our Teachers


BA Philosophy - University of Cambridge

With previous experience in EdTech and other tech start-ups, Nick believes learning to code gives a person the ability to create powerful tools that positively impact the lives of others. He also particularly enjoys teaching our youngest learners. It is for these reasons that Nick is currently in the process of developing a language-learning game aimed at younger students.

Teaching Experience: Eaton Square, Ibstock Place, King Alfred School, Knightsbridge School, Queens College Prep School, Thomas' Battersea, Wetherby Kensington, Wetherby Pre-Prep


BSc Digital Arts Computing - Goldsmiths, University of London (UOL)

Johanna is originally from Sweden and is a digital artist when she isn’t teaching. She uses technology as a key part of her art. Physical computing, specifically microprocessors, allows Johanna's art practice to become more interactive and participatory. This ability to incorporate coding into everyday life, in novel and creative ways, is a key reason why Johanna enjoys programming so much.

Teaching Experience: Colville Primary School, Wetherby Kensington, Wetherby Pre-Prep


Dual BA European Social and Political Studies - Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po)

Krystof stumbled across a book about coding websites in a library when he was twelve years old, and it was from there that he slowly taught himself to code. In his spare time he likes to make tools in JavaScript to help him with daily life. For example, he created a small ‘to-do’ app which helps him to assign his tasks into available time slots. He also loves passing on his passion to the children he teaches, admiring their energy.

Teaching Experience: Falcons Girls, Twickenham Prep


BSc Creative Computing - Goldsmiths, UOL

Originally from La Réunion, Mathieu mainly grew up in Normandy before moving to London. With his background in creative computing he enjoys looking at the underlying architecture of devices to see what makes them work. His teaching career started when he taught at a refugee school in Malaysia. It was such an enriching experience that he wants to bring this into his work with blue{shift}. For instance, Mathieu aims to help children build a healthy relationship with their devices by encouraging regular screen breaks and good posture.

Teaching Experience: Eaton Square, Knightsbridge School, Notting Hill Prep, Wetherby Kensington, Wetherby Pre-Prep, Sussex House


BSc Sound for Film, Television and Games - Southampton Solent University

For Calum, coding has always been tied up in his interests in music and instrument design. He believes that coding is a set of tools that allows creativity to run wild and as a result of this Calum often builds his own electronic instruments.  In addition to working at blue{shift} Calum works as a freelance sound engineer in film, music, and video games, and uses his coding experience to write his own audio processing algorithms.

Teaching Experience: Chepstow House School, Eaton Square, Falcons School for Boys, The Lyceum School, Notting Hill Prep, Thomas' Battersea, Twickenham Prep, Sussex House


BSc Psychology - University of Greenwich

Maria believes that teaching can have a huge impact on a child’s interests and achievements. And whilst it may be a difficult job, she finds that the best teachers are the ones who can help grow a child's passion and curiosity. Originally from Lithuania, Maria was an English language tutor before becoming a coding teacher for blue{shift}. Having now settled in South London she loves how creative you can be using code and tech; it is the vast amount of possibilities to create something out of nothing which excites her.

Teaching Experience: Colville Primary School, Notting Hill Prep


BSc Digital Arts Computing - Goldsmiths, UOL

As a student Meg is specialising in sculptural robotics. She loves the potential of robots and believes that we have barely scratched the surface of the field. When programming her robotics she finds the logical nature incredibly satisfying, in part because this makes it easy to break down and reassemble code into whatever you want - meaning your robot can do whatever you want. When she’s not teaching, you can catch Meg racing around as part of the London Roller Derby Team.

Teaching Experience: Chepstow House School, Colville Primary School, Eaton Square, Thomas' Battersea, Wetherby Pre-Prep


BSc Creative Computing - Goldsmiths, UOL

For many of our teachers, technology is the gateway to their passions and hobbies. William is no exception. When he’s not DJing, you can find William programming his own websites and developing the code for his new radio station. These unique experiences play a large role in his teaching style - full of energy, he often gets stuck in with his students using games and music to educate. More often than not at lunch you’ll catch William playing football with our blue{shift} coding camp students!

Teaching Experience: Chepstow House School, Colville Primary School, Knightsbridge School, Notting Hill Preparatory School, Queens College School, Wetherby Kensington, Wetherby Prep School  


BA Music & Social Anthropology - SOAS; MA Computational Arts - Goldsmiths, UOL

For Daniel coding combines problem solving with creative ways of thinking. This approach to tech has allowed him to marry programming with another of his passions - music. He often uses code to build his own software and interfaces for creating and performing music, and he has led workshops on music computing, acoustics, and sound design. This control over the creative process, he says, is what makes it so liberating to be a coder.

Teaching Experience: Colville Primary School, King Alfred School, Knightsbridge School


Bsc in Digital Arts Computing -Goldsmiths, UOL

Jinia loves how coding is different to other academic subjects, and how this produces a different kind of enthusiasm from her students. Jinia is originally from Rome, Italy, but is now living in South London. She is a digital artist, exploring digital storytelling through interactive art pieces using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Teaching young minds often offers Jinia new insights into the coding topics and ideas she works with every day. Developing a similar passion in her students is the cherry on the top of the cake!

Teaching Experience: Colville Primary School, Falcons School for Boys, Ibstock Place, Thomas’ Battersea


BA Fine Art - Kingston University

As a practicing artist, Jack specialises in sculpture, moving image, and collage. As part of this, he’s previously taught art techniques in schools, galleries, and museums. He has also worked in pre- and post-production for the film and television industry. Jack enjoys the limitless potential to expand his artistic endeavours and he loves being able to share this passion for creating with tech to the children he teaches. This passion is passed on in our animation courses, where Jack teaches students about green screens, flip books, and storyboarding. 

Teaching Experience: Eaton Square, Thomas' Battersea, Knightsbridge School


BA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins; MA Fine Art - Royal College of Art; PhD - Royal College of Art

Lisa has over 10 years of teaching experience within both private tuition and secondary schools. This experience spans a range of digital and artistic disciplines such as animation, digital media, and Fine Art. Her teaching motivations hinge on understanding the uniqueness of each student: children come out with their own creative results, even if they all start in the same place. Within the world of tech she is particularly interested in Graphic Design and how AI allows for computers to take on monotonous tasks.

Teaching Experience: Knightsbridge School, Wetherby Prep