Machine Learning, JavaScript

Machine Learning with Google’s Teachable Machine
  • The course
  • This is a fun introduction to machine learning with a low barrier to entry. We will be creating our own image libraries to build a JavaScript app that responds differently to different objects in the webcam. We will use Google’s Teachable Machine and JavaScript.
  • Objectives
  • Machine learning models: image categorisation
  • Implementing libraries into code (p5.js, ML5)
  • Processing (with p5.js)
  • Callback functions and loops
In this workshop we will use JavaScript and Teachable Machine to create and implement our own image categorisation libraries.


Introduction to Machine Learning

First we will have a short introduction to text-based coding. 

Image recognition with Teachable Machine

Let’s get creative and execute our knowledge to create an image recognition app.


Participants will collaborate with each other throughout this workshop and present their builds to the team!

Next steps:

  • Intermediate machine learning
  • Additional Requrements and Notes

  • Computers used for the session will require a webcam. 
  • Some experience with text-based coding is beneficial but not 100% necessary
    • “This workshop helped introduce me to some really fascinating ideas. I had no idea Machine Learning could be something that I can use at home!”


    • “I liked how the lesson was taught, and the teacher was very supportive and helpful.”


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