Creative App Design

Creative App Design

Creative App Design, Marvel App or MIT App Inventor

User experience design (UX) and app prototyping
  • The course
  • In this workshop we will create imaginary enterprises that we will bring to life through clickable app prototypes. Participants will be introduced to UX design and Marvel App prototyping before presenting their creations to the team, Dragon’s Den style!
  • Objectives
  • Ideation and brainstorming
  • UX/UI design with Marvel Apps
  • Value proposition and business model canvas
User experience design is more important than ever. Our creative app design workshop introduces participants to UX design and accessible rapid prototyping to bring products to life without time-consuming and expensive dev work.


Creative app design!

We will start with a short introduction to user experience design and app prototyping.

Marvel v App Inventor!

Choose between Marvel App (UX/UI design) and MIT App Inventor (Intro to app prototyping) to bring our designs to life!


Participants work in teams throughout this project to create their businesses, designs, and apps!

Next steps:

  • Intermediate User Experience Design
  • Web development
    • “The workshop was a fantastic way to break up a busy work week with some fun!”


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