Web Development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • The course
  • In this workshop we will build personal portfolio/profile landing pages to show off interests and skills to the rest of the team. Participants will work in pairs or teams to develop their brands and pages.
  • Objectives
  • HTML and structure
  • CSS and style
  • JavaScript and event listeners/ events
Web development can be tailored to a range of abilities. Beginners will learn the basics of HTML and CSS to utilise existing templates to build their product. More advanced participants will be encouraged to design and code their own features and add functionality to their pages using JavaScript.


Introduction to web development

First we will have a short introduction to text-based coding and web development. 

Template hacking!

Let’s get creative and execute our knowledge to create our own web page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by hacking existing templates!


Participants will collaborate throughout this workshop, in pairs or more, and present their builds to the team!

Next steps:

  • Intro to Machine Learning: Intermediate JavaScript
  • Intermediate web development
  • Creative app design: UX and app prototyping
    • “The workshop was a fantastic way to break up a busy work week with some fun!”


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