Best Science And Technology Toys To Give This Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner, so parents need to start looking for gifts for their kids. If you want your little ones to learn something from their new toys, here are some great science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) goodies you could pick up before December 25th.



If you enhance what your child is learning at after school coding club, consider getting them QUBS Cody Block. 

The wooden blocks are not only great for young kids to play with, but they each have a command symbol on. Thanks to radio-frequency identification technology, when the magnetic top is placed on the car, it begins to drive according to the demands. 


LEGO SPIKE Prime Robot

Most kids love receiving LEGO at Christmas, but this set is even more special. The SPIKE Prime Robot encourages children to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by using hardware, coding language, and building blocks. 

It is a favourite STEM tool in schools, but children will love playing with it at home too, enhancing their ability to create solutions. 


Crayola Color Chemistry Set

If your child is more interested in chemistry than engineering or coding, why not get them the Crayola Color Chemistry Set?

They can conduct countless experiments with their kit, such as making volcanic explosions and quicksand.

This is the perfect gift for any child who loves making potions, investigating or experimenting. 


Particula GoCube

Fidget toys have become huge over the last few years, but the Particula GoCube is on another level. You can connect the Rubik’s Cube to an app via Bluetooth to learn strategies and algorithms to speed up your time. 

Children can also connect with friends and family who have the Particula GoCube to compete against them.