Brush Up On IT Skills During The May Half-Term Holiday


The May half-term means various things to different children, depending on their age. For little ones, it is a time to enjoy the sunshine outside of the school classroom, while for older kids, it is the last chance of revision before the end-of-year exams. 

Children in Year 6 will be sitting their Key Stage 2 SATs when they come back to school in June, while secondary school pupils will be doing their GCSEs and sixth-formers will have their A-Levels or other equivalent qualifications. 

Therefore, they could be expecting to spend all the half-term week in their bedrooms, missing out on seeing their friends, experiencing the sunshine and having a break from their studies. 

Revising alone at home is not the only way they can get prepared for their assessments, however, particularly for those who are taking IT exams in a few weeks’ time. 

Instead, they could enrol in a half-term coding camp, which will help them brush up on their IT skills at the same time as getting out of the house, interacting with peers of the same age, and remaining engaged and interested in the subject.

There are lots of camps to choose from, depending on the age of the child, with older kids undertaking more complex tasks during their time. 

While they are doing Minecraft, making robots or developing a new game, they will be working on their coding, programming, designing, and computational thinking skills. This will put them in a great position when it comes to taking their IT exams next term. 

Enrolling in a camp also gives them a chance to have a mental break from their revision, so when they do get back to it they are more refreshed and willing to learn.