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Celebrating terrific teachers

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Most of us have fond memories of a teacher, whether they were in school, a holiday camp or at an after-school activity. Perhaps they are of your favourite teacher, or the one you looked up to as a role model, or the one who taught you something so significant you still remember it now. 

Today, on 5th October, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day. It’s an occasion to ‘acknowledge, evaluate and enhance the instructors of the world’ and be thankful for all the hard work they put into teaching us and helping us learn.

Teachers play a critical role in educating and shaping children; not only developing their academic ability but also building their self-esteem, motivating their actions and inspiring their passions. In the UK, our teachers are currently educating and inspiring over 10 million children in full- and part-time education, all of whom will go on to be the leaders, key workers, business people and teachers of the future. 

This Teachers’ Day, we want to say a big thank you to our BlueShift teachers who dedicate their time to passing on their passion for technology and teaching valuable digital skills to the next generation of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and inventors. Our teachers help mould our students and guide them in positive directions, so they have a bright future ahead of them.

 What can I do to thank my BlueShift teachers?

-        Tell them!

Just saying ‘Thank you’ goes a long way… it’s the most simple but effective way to show your teachers you appreciate all their hard work. They love hearing these kind words!

-        Leave a review

Been amazed by one of our teachers at a camp, after school club, or in our online classroom? Leave us a review and tell our followers which teacher you’d recommend and why!

World Teachers’ Day is a reminder to be grateful for all our wonderful teaching professionals out there whose work has a lasting impact on our lives. Every one of us has at least one teacher in mind who helped, encouraged, and motivated us during our education. So, here’s to them. A great BIG THANK YOU!