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Code Planet: April Camp Highlights

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Welcome to our coding and robotics camp! Over the course of three weeks, our young coders and explorers embarked on some incredible journeys in Minecraft, Scratch, and with LEGO Spike kits.

During our Minecraft coding camps, our Minecraft coders completed some truly impressive projects. They used code to design complex structures and create expansive space stations. They even made mini-games and mob spawners using variables to store information about player locations and enemy movements. It was amazing to see what they accomplished in just one week!

Our Mini Coders took their skills to the next level. Despite being so young (4-6 years old), they went above and beyond their learning objectives, using the small class size to their advantage. They were introduced to Scratch on the computer and even built up basic computer skills such as using a mouse and typing. It was truly impressive to see what they were able to achieve at such a young age.

Our creative Explorers had an incredible journey in space, learning how to create extra-terrestrial games using code in Scratch, and experimenting with LEGO Spike kits to incorporate motors, LED panels, and sensors into their LEGO-built structures.

Scratch programming lessons focused on getting familiar with the Scratch interface and different kinds of blocks. Students practised fundamental concepts of sequencing, triggering events, and logic using loops and if statements. One of the projects they completed was the Crop Circles project, which included the pen extension and even their own personalized function to help Zorg draw circles in the field and send encrypted messages to his alien friends!

The final day of camp was a winning combo of coding and robotics. After launching the day talking about what a space station is and watching an official explanation of the ISS, students had time to create their own station, either alone or in pairs. With the help of their teacher and assistant, they incorporated robotics into the station and wrote bits of code in Scratch that could spike up their projects and make them interactive.

Throughout the three weeks of camp, our students have created a variety of space-themed games and interactive experiences using code, each focusing on a different skill that is essential for the development of robust and efficient algorithms. From the Minecraft coders to the Mini Coders, Explorers and Adventurers, it's been amazing to see how much they've learned and accomplished in such a short amount of time.  It was an amazing three weeks of coding fun, and we're excited to see what our students will create next!