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Computer Game Graduate Numbers Rise For 7th Year In A row!

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The number of graduates in the UK leaving higher education with a degree in computer games subjects has climbed for a seventh year in a row, with courses including the likes of computer games programming, computer games graphics and computer game design.

This is according to new research from Gamasutra, revealing that in 2018/2019, there were 1,380 computer games graduates, more than double the 595 graduates seen in 2012/2013.

Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA (the non-profit trade association representing the UK’s game industry), commented on the findings, saying: “Another increase in graduate numbers with industry relevant skills is important for the video games sector.

“The industry’s headcount is growing on average by 8.9 per cent per annum. With the end of free movement and UK’s post-Brexit immigration system changing how companies can recruit talent from abroad, a growing cohort of skilled graduates is essential.”

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