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Considerations Before Enrolling In Coding Classes

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As technology has transformed over the years, so has learning, and there is a wide range of coding classes available to all ages to help gain and refine the coding skills of your kids.

A foundation in coding will help your kids forge a strong career in the future, but before you enrol your children on an online coding course, there are a few essential things to keep in mind.


  1. Engaging course content

Coding is a stimulating subject but to get kids interested, it needs to be taught in the right way. Animated storytelling as a teaching method finds a ready audience with kids as they learn the basics of coding through a story.

An animated educational series is combined with an intuitive coding platform with an inbuilt code simulator and bite-sized workbooks and projects, which is bound to keep kids interested and engaged.


  1. Personal mentoring

As with any classes, it’s important to check the student to teacher ratio, as this will impact the quality of the learning and understanding of the subject. A low student to teacher ratio is preferable.

One-on-one coaching is by far the most ideal, as this enables the teacher to focus on each student and resolve their doubts quickly, helping them grasp the concepts easier, understand the child's strengths and weaknesses, and address them accordingly.


  1. Tailored to meet your child's need

Every child is unique and understands things at a different pace. It isn't easy to put students of different abilities and learning styles in a single class and expect them to produce similar results.

Instead of rushing through the programme, a mentor will ensure that the child understands the concepts correctly before proceeding to the next level, helping the child to absorb and retain what is learnt, making them eager to progress.

Always carefully study the options available to you before deciding on your online coding classes to better find the right course that is the best fit for your child.

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