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Five careers for coders

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So your child’s discovered a passion for coding… Great! But you might be wondering where this can take them in their future career. 

Learning to code teaches children so many skills beyond just programming - problem solving, communication, and logical thinking to name just a few - making it valuable preparation for lots of careers. But if your child has a particular passion for programming and technology, we’ve listed five top tech jobs for coding connoisseurs below. 

Mobile app developer

With over 100,000 new apps released every month, mobile app developers are highly-sought after! App developers create, test and program applications, either working to a company’s brief or thinking up their own ideas. This role is highly creative and involves thinking of ways to create new, interesting and dynamic solutions to consumer’s problems. 

Interested in app development? Try our JavaScript with Bitsbox App Building course and learn how to turn your ideas into apps you can play at home!

Data scientist

Data scientists collect data and interpret it to find out more about web users and their behaviour, and to discover solutions and opportunities for companies. They build algorithms to predict and find patterns too! As well as programming skills, working as a data scientist requires logical thinking to clean and analyse data, and good communication to relay information to stakeholders.

Web developer

Web developers design and create websites - they are responsible for the look of the site as well as technical aspects, such as its performance and speed. This role often involves working with UX designers and digital marketing professionals, and bringing their ideas to life through code. With the world becoming increasingly tech-based, and more companies moving online due to the pandemic, web developers are more in demand than ever!

Check out our introduction to JavaScript with p5.js if you're interested in learning more about programming for websites. 

Games developer

Turn a passion for gaming into a career with this job! Games developers work as part of a team to plan, design and build video games.

Interested in game design and development? Try our game development courses, like this Scratch Asteroids-themed game-making course (for 8-12 year olds) or this classic game-making course with Python (for 10-14 year olds).

Quality assurance engineer 

Working as a quality assurance engineer means ensuring that software, websites and applications adhere to company guidelines and other regulations, as well as checking that they work as they should! Quality assurance engineers are great problem solvers and communicators - skills gained through studying coding.