Help Keep Your Child On Track With Homeschooling


Recent research has revealed that keeping children motivated to study remotely has become a growing problem for parents, with 39 per cent of them claiming their children had become disengaged with remote learning and homeschooling, according to Ofsted.

A survey for the Observer using the Parent Ping survey app also showed that 40 per cent of parents of primary school pupils said they are feeling even more stressed about homeschooling than they did during the first lockdown, according to the Guardian.

So, what can parents do if their kids are rebelling against home learning? While there are a wealth of online lessons and activities for kids available, we have some tips to help parents and get kids motivated to learn.


Chat and listen

Children will learn better about their work by chatting about it. Talk to them about the book they are reading, or the nature they are studying. Listening to your child and letting them share what’s worrying them can also be really helpful.


Try a fun maths challenge

Inventing some fun maths games is a great way of keeping younger children motivated. Try sticking numbers from one to 10 on the floor, before giving your child quick-fire rounds of maths challenges where they have to jump on the answer to the question as quickly as they can.


Make writing more interesting

Academic English essays can be a drag to write for children, so try to get them to improve their literacy skills by writing about something that interests them, such as a poem, blog post, short story or song lyrics, or even keeping a journal, could all make picking up a pen seem a little more exciting.


Make time to get outdoors

We all need some fresh air, and it’s easy to forget to go outdoors, especially when parents and carers are so time-pressured, but a short walk or activity, such as skipping or kicking a football around, can do wonders for everyone’s mood.

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