How To Keep The Brain Ticking Along This Summer


Children are bound to be looking forward to the long summer holiday, being able to get a break from school and their homework. 

However, it is important they do not switch their brains off entirely, so they can slip right back into school life when they start the new term in September. 

Here are some ideas on how to keep their brains working over the long break:


Coding camp

Most kids would turn their noses up at a learning camp, but coding and computer work is different. 

Finding out how to write complicated coding or enrolling on a minecraft modding course is exciting. They could build their own robot, create animation, and even have lots of fun with virtual reality (VR), all the while improving their STEM skills. 


Educational trips

Another suggestion is to make day trips educational. As well as trips to the park and beach, why not arrange to meet friends and their kids at museums and libraries?

They will be able to learn lots of new facts or consolidate information they have been taught at school this year.


Daily maths games

It’s unlikely your child will want to sit down and do maths every day, but you could play games or quizzes that incorporate mathematical concepts without them even realising. 

For instance, Parenting Science recommends a board game called Sum Swamp, which involves players having to answer mathematical questions quickly to work out how many spaces they can move on the board.