How Young Coders Can Stay Safe Online With Minecraft


Millions of youngsters love playing online games like Minecraft or Roblox. However, the reality is that like so many activities on the internet, there are potential safety issues to be aware of.

The games themselves are safe enough to play, but there is a potential area of risk as players can communicate with each other, either in a group through a chatbox or with private messages called ‘whispers’.

Organisations such as the NSPCC have raised concerns that these means of communication can - and have - led to online bullying, as well as instances of inappropriate language and obscene content.

There are simple things anyone can do, like turning off the chatbox when playing on a multiplayer basis, setting up the profanity filter, or managing multiplayer mode by blocking access of anyone else to their build. Similar protections exist on Roblox.

Kids undertaking a Minecraft modding course can put themselves in a safer position still by knowing how to code to set up the game.

In doing so, they can build these and more safety features into the system, ensuring they have good protections in place against anyone who would misuse the game to troll people, or simply lack the self-control to treat other players with due respect.

Of course, the best reason to go on a modding course is that mods can give the game all sorts of new features and extensions. That can make the game a whole load more fun, with some key elements of the game being altered.

It may not be the most fun element of modding to think about making the game safer from those who might use it to cause trouble or communicate in inappropriate or even criminal ways. But by making the game safer, your kids can get even more fun out of playing Minecraft and Roblox, while parents can enjoy greater peace of mind.