Keep The Kids Busy This Feb Half Term With Robotics Camps


The February half-term is one of the hardest school holidays to keep the kids happy. There’s no Christmas festivities and the weather is still cold and miserable, so any outdoor activities don’t last long. 

If you’re worried about how you will keep your children busy over the week-long break, consider booking a coding camp for kids

The good news is it is suitable for all ages, whether your little one is five and only just started school all the way up to 14 years old. 

The younger children are kept busy with interactive activities, including designing and coding a robot. Although they are only young, enrolling them in a STEM-related camp at this age will encourage their interest in science and technology, which will set them up well for the future. 

Between six and eight years, children can delve deeper into robotics or they could improve their Minecraft skills, helping them become a pro at the game. 

Eight to 12 year olds can further enhance their Minecraft abilities, using coding to create a most magnificent imaginary world. They will also learn more about machine learning, and are likely to put parents’ IT skills to shame by the end of the week. 

The eldest group (between ten and 14 years old) will focus more on automation and innovation. They will learn more about algorithms and data analysis, as well as find out about machine learning, pattern recognition and predictive modelling. 

They will take part in a variety of activities to put their knowledge to the test, and get a chance to practise their programming and data manipulation. 

Children will also use JavaScript to perform various functions, giving them a chance to experience programmes they are likely to use in the future when they embark on their careers.